Mainspring's Linear Generator Technology


Mainspring’s linear generator uses a low-temperature reaction of air and fuel to drive magnets through copper coils to efficiently produce electricity. The patented design and adaptive control enable high efficiency, near-zero NOx emissions, full dispatchability, and seamless switching between renewable fuels such as biogas and nonrenewable fuels such as natural gas and propane.


Mainspring’s linear generator products combine grid-tie inverters and auxiliaries into turn-key packages for fast and simple installation. Mainspring’s first product is designed for commercial businesses with a rated output of 250 kW net AC (3-phase, 480 V) and packaged in a standard 20’ container. Future products designed for industrial businesses, data centers, hospitals, smart cities, and utilities will offer higher power output.

Second generation pilot unit

Slide Direct conversion of linear
motion into electricity
Standard materials, only two
moving parts, and no oil
Low Capital &
Maintenance Cost
Low-temperature reaction
without combustion
Fuel Flexible Continuous, adaptive control
without mechanical constraints
Fully Dispatchable Load tracking, fast on/off,
black start, and islanding
NOx Emissions
High Efficiency

Mainspring has successfully built and tested three generations of linear generators in preparation for commercial and industrial deployment. Mainspring began commercial shipments of its third generation units in 2020 with Fortune 100 customers and top-tier strategic partners.